This is a fun home office project that we have been working on. The install is this week so we will be able to show you some real life photos soon. One of our favorite things about this office is the geometric carpet!! We are dying over it! 

We have offices on the brain lately we are actually designing 3 right now and day dreaming about our own perfect office. 

Here are some tips when designing a home office. 

1. Make it functional. Think about how much storage you need and how much desk space you need. Do you have files? Do you need a lot of room to spread out? Do you have 2 monitors like a super important business person.... 

2. Make it fun. Add some desk accessories and art. You are going to be working in there so make it a place that is inspirational or calming. Whatever your work style needs. 

3. Make it comfortable. Have a spot where you can take a break and get away or at least have a visitor or two while you are working those extra hours. 

4. Add some greens. Get a plant it makes the space feel alive. Try not to kill it. 

We can't wait to show you some of the other projects we are working on and the final shots for this room, it turned out so beautiful!