Ben and I just took a weekend getaway to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We have always wanted to check out Chicago and December is a perfect time right?? Wrong, It was the coldest we have ever been in our entire lives..... The high was 20. What saved it was there were Christmas lights everywhere and we had hot chocolate so we survived. We flew in Friday night had a late night dinner at "The Girl and The Goat". This food was unbelievable. We are huge dorks and saw this restaurant on the travel channel a while ago and it might have been the sole reason we went to Chicago in the first place. (don't judge) If you are ever in Chicago just go you won't be disappointed. The next day we went to Andersonville to the holy trinity of antique shops in Chicago : The White Attic, Scout, and Brimfield.  The White Attic rescues old and mostly mid century dressers and cabinets with good bones and gives them an amazing makeover. The finishes were perfectly and professionally executed and the inside was a nice surprise of a baby blue.  Scout has an industrial collected vibe that is edited so well. The art and the lighting was so unique. I was dying over some lucite lockers they had. Brimfield has a Ralph Lauren went camping feel. Plaid all over, but really well edited and super cool. Haymaker and Room Service were also at the top of the list with unique items that I was dying over left and right. The Brown Elephant was another good shop and a cool place to find inexpensive gems.  The other great thing about these shops is that they are all on the same street and in walking distance from each other.  (with a few stops for hot chocolate or coffee on the way). I've attached a few pics from our adventure and some of the amazing finds. 

The rest of the trip we did some gooey romantic lovey dovey stuff and saw some sights. We came home with a love of Chicago and a jealousy of their vintage shops. 

PS. I'm working on a design for a client who's coined the term of his look as "Urban Camping" it's a total mix of these three shops, Mid Century, Industrial, and a little camping vibe. I'll post the mood shots tomorrow. Let me k now what you think.