We love being able to make a home feel special but yet keep it comfortable, and livable.. With that being said, we wanted to make the Dining Room feel extra special so we added this amazing marbled wallpaper which totally gave the room attitude but the traditional furniture styles kept the space feeling more formal.  Throughout the rest of the home,  we chose to keep the furnishings streamlined, durable, and comfortable.  Who says comfortable can't look good? Finally, we designed the Family Room built-in to show off all the family's photos and personal keepsakes which helps make the room feel more pulled together (like jewelry for the room). 

Some of our favorite details in the house are the mountain wall mural and the starry night ceiling in the Playroom. These are two lucky kiddos. 

Yes that is a slipcovered outdoor sofa... Those exist and they are made of an outdoor fabric so go ahead and put your feet up!

Enjoy this space! 


We wrapped up this project out in Windermere a few weeks ago.  After purchasing this home, our clients started renovating.. and brought us in to help make the big design decisions that would create the home they envisioned when they purchased it.   Our clients were very hands-on throughout the process; taking on a large portion of the labor part themselves, so there was a ton of TLC put into every inch of this home. We loved being part of this project.  Below are a few before and after pictures.  Check out all the photos from the project here  http://steelestreetstudios.com/residentialprojects 

A Christmas Surprise...

One of our last installs this year was a gender neutral nursery for clients who didn't want to know what they were having before the baby was born.  We really wanted to make the space feel light and airy, but yet balanced enough that a little boy would feel right at home.  We picked a subtle geometric wallpaper that would last throughout childhood, that added so much to the room. We chose to use light, warm furniture to ground the space, and layered textures and neutral colors throughout to complete the room. We hope baby M enjoys growing up in this room as much as we did designing it!